Freemasonry unites men of good character and strives to make them better men by bringing men together who would otherwise remain perpetually distant from one another. It unites us into one sacred band or society, uniting men of good character regardless of different religious beliefs, ethnic or social backgrounds. Based on doctrines of brotherly love, it encourages all that is good, kind and charitable and reproves all that is vicious, cruel and oppressive.

Prince Hall Masons are more serious and earnest about our practice of Masonry, because by being excluded by mainstream lodges for a period of 200 years, we have always been explicitly open to people of all races. We possess more of a Christian character, have a close connection with the OES and are deeply conscious of history, culture and social condition, just like our founder, Prince Hall.

Freemasons are usually considered members of a secret society or organization, when in fact that is far from the truth. Many of our emblems and practices are well known by the public. We are actually just like any other society that have special handshakes and ritual where one brother may be known by another.

Compiled by PM Mario A. Gethers, #323, Deputy-At-Large for Special Projects

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